What You Should Know About Elderly Companion Care Services

Statistics reveal that 28% of seniors live alone. Living alone as a senior has its benefits, but it also has some downsides. One benefit is that living alone as a senior means you get to stay in your house. Staying in your home is one wish many seniors have. They love their homes and don't want to move. Unfortunately, seniors who live alone often feel isolated and lonely. There is a solution to this problem, though, which is elderly companion care.

Elderly Home Care Interventions After Hip Replacement Surgery

Breaking a hip always requires surgical intervention and the recovery period can be lengthy. If your aging family member has undergone hip replacement surgery and lives alone, they will need help while they recuperate. Here are some ways an elderly home care professional can help your loved one recover safely and comfortably after hip surgery.  Anticoagulant Medications While your loved one is recovering in the hospital after their hip replacement surgery, they will be given injections of anticoagulant medications.

3 Reasons To Opt For In-Home Health Care

If you have an aging loved one that is not yet ready to move anywhere, but may be in need of some extra assistance, you might want to think about hiring an in-home health care company. Of course, this can be a big change in the day-to-day routine your loved one might be used to, but there are many good reasons to get this type of help set up. To better understand, read through the following three reasons to hire an in-home health care company.