Signs A Senior Could Benefit From In-Home Care Services

If you have a senior loved one who lives alone at home, you might have some concerns about their safety and wellbeing, especially if you start seeing signs that worry you. Knowing what signs to look for can help you know when to suggest in-home care services for this person. Here are some signs that you can watch for that might help you understand when to recommend these services.

Money Problems

When you talk to your loved one, you should watch for signs of money issues in the discussions. For example, is this person bouncing checks? Did the electricity recently get shut off? When a senior starts experiencing these problems, it might be due to memory issues. Your loved one might have enough money to pay their bills, but they might forget to pay them. There is also a chance they might begin spending money frivolously. These are all signs that your loved one might need some help at home.

House Issues

The second sign to watch for is house issues. For example, when you visit your relative, do you see a decline in the cleanliness of their home? Does the home appear dirty or more cluttered than it used to be? If so, these signs can indicate that the person might not be able to keep up with normal household chores.  In-home care services can help with all kinds of activities that seniors need, including household activities. Workers can help seniors clean their homes, wash their dishes, and prepare meals. If you are concerned about your relative, talk to them about hiring a company for help.

Memory Problems

The third sign that you might notice is memory problems. Is your loved one starting to repeat themselves when talking to you? Do they ask the same questions minutes apart? Do they seem confused about things that they once knew? When seniors age, many will start experiencing memory loss. Memory loss can lead to problems for seniors who live alone. They might wander off and find themselves unable to get back home. They might take the wrong medications or forget to eat. When seniors start having problems remembering things, it is a sign that they could benefit from some help at home.

When you know a senior who lives alone, you can monitor them and help them receive the help they need. If you would like more information about in-home care services, contact a local company today.