Not Ready For A Nursing Home: How To Help Elderly Grandparents

Just because someone is elderly and they require a bit of assistance, it does not mean that they are ready to be placed into a nursing home. There are many people who are capable of living on their own, as long as they are provided with some well planned out home health care. If your grandparents are in such a situation, then it's worth spending some time outfitting their home so that they are comfortable and safe for as long as they choose to stay there. 

Safety Rails for Hallways and Bathrooms

One of the big problems is that the elderly face is falling. This is because the elderly are more prone to losing their balance while moving around the home. So, what you should look into is installing safety rails. These are good because they allow the elderly to grab onto something while they are walking in the event that they begin to lose their balance. These safety rails and grab bars should be installed in areas where your elderly grandparents would be prone to lose their balance. These areas include any stairways, entryways into the house, and most importantly the bathroom. You can hire a handyman to come in and install these safety bars and rails. It's important that you install these safety bars correctly. If you attach them to the wall without anchoring them into a stud, then when your grandparent grips them and puts weight on it, they might tear out of the wall. 

Safety Alert Systems

Another important thing to have installed in your grandparent's home are safety alert systems. These systems are vital in the event that your grandparent happens to fall somewhere in the home or around the house. These alert systems vary in design, but essentially they all include an easy to access alarm that your parent will either wear or keep on their person. If they happen to need assistance, they can activate the device and this will alert paramedics, as well as your emergency contact. 

In-Home Elderly Care

Finally, one of the best ways to aid your elderly grandparents who are planning on remaining in their house is to set up in-home care. This might be anything from a visiting aid who comes by to assist with shopping laundry, or it might be something more intensive such as a home health aid. There are elderly home care agencies that will send home health aids to your grandparent's house on a schedule. These aids can assist with light chores, cleaning, and other things that your family cannot handle on their own.