How To Help A Loved One With Dementia

As people get older, their bodies begin to change. Things that used to be easy may get more difficult as mobility decreases. Unfortunately, these changes can also affect a person's mind. Dementia can be caused by many different factors, but people with dementia all show similar symptoms. Dementia can cause memory loss, difficulty thinking, confusion, and even emotional outbursts. If your loved one has dementia, they will need specialized care. Here are four ways you can help an elderly loved one who suffers from this condition:

1. Establish routines.

Routines are necessary for the management of dementia. When tasks and activities are repeated at the same time of day, in the same manner, they are easier for people with dementia to remember. Since dementia mostly affects short-term memory, things stored in long-term memory are less likely to be affected. Routines can make your loved one's life easier, happier, and more productive.

2. Remain patient.

Dealing with someone who has dementia can sometimes be frustrating. They may not always understand you, due to the confusion caused by their disease. No matter how frustrated you get, try to remember that dementia is even more frustrating for the person suffering from it. Do your best to be patient. If your loved one doesn't understand you at first, explain yourself as many times as necessary. When you keep calm, your loved one is more likely to stay calm as well.

3. Enlist the help of dementia care services.

As dementia progresses, it may no longer be safe for your loved one to be alone for extended periods of time. Moving your loved one into a care home is one option, but this drastic change can be extremely unsetting for dementia patients, who thrive on familiarity and routine. As an alternative, you can enlist the help of dementia care services. A professional carer will come to your loved one's home at regularly scheduled times. They can help with everyday tasks such as errands, housekeeping, and personal care. They can also provide needed supervision and companionship for your loved one. 

4. Keep the same dementia care worker.

Since people with dementia do well with routine, you should strive to keep the same dementia care worker as long as possible. Your dementia care service will take the utmost care to provide you with an aide who is a good fit for your loved one. They can be a source of stability in your loved one's life. For more information, contact a dementia care service